Mini Myths: Free Comic Book Day

Does your little one want to be the next Batgirl of Captain America?  Or can they not get enough of NickToons or Cartoon Network?  Do they want to read mom or Dad’s comics?  With comics increasingly becoming more grown up, it’s sometimes difficult finding age appropriate comics for your little one.  As a father of 2 daughters (11-years-old and 3 years-old) and one son (5-years-old) who are all into comics and super-heroes, I sometimes find myself struggling with the choices out there.  This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) and I’m happy to report that there are a plethora of great kids comics available!  All links lead to the publisher’s solicitation of the book and many include a preview of the book!

  • DC Comics has the Superman Family/Green Lantern & Young Justice flip book.  One side of the book showcases comics based on the Cartoon Network shows Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice.  The flip side contains a sneak peek at the upcoming Superman Family comic from the creative geniuses behind Tiny Titans.
  • Bongo Comics also has a flip book.  One half is the Bongo Comics Free-For-All with one story set in the Simpsons Universe and an autobiographical story by Sergio Aragones.  The other half of the book is devoted to the comic book adventures of Spongebob Squarepants.
  • The Yo Gabba Gabba! comic is based on the hit Nickelodeon TV show.  Featuring  Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee, Plex and, of course, DJ Lance Rock, this book also contains a Super Martian Robot Girl story.
  • Are your kids more interested in the classics?  There are FCBD comics starring the Smurfs (with the flip side featuring the Disney Fairies starring Tinkerbell) from Papercutz, the Peanuts gang (with Adventure Time getting the flip side) from Boom Studios, Moomin from Drawn & Quarterly and Donald Duck & Family from Fantagraphics.
  • Video games capturing your youngster’s attention?  Both MegaMan and Sonic the Hedgehog star in their own FCBD comics from Archie Comics.  Giant robots?  Voltron Force (Vizkids) and the original Transformers (IDW) have their own books.  Parents may want to check out the Transformers book as it kicks off a continuation of the original Marvel storyline from the 1980’s.
  • Top Shelf has the Kids Club comic featuring six separate stories: Owly by Andy Runton, Johnny Boo by James Kochalka, Korgi by Christian Slade,Okie DokieDonuts by Chris Eliopoulos, Pirate Penguin Vs Ninja Chicken by Ray Friesen and Upside Down by Jess Smart Smiley.
  • Math-letes Assemble!  Finding Gossamyr (Th3rd World) is the adventure of a math prodigy who finds himself transported to a magical land where math is the magic.  The flip side of this book contains a preview of the next arc in Stuff of Legends (a great riff on the toys with sentience trope).
  • For the more grown-up little one, there is Zombie Kid (Antarctic Press) which is in no way a parody of Diary of A Wimpy Kid, except for the fact that it’s the diary of a kid who happens to be a zombie, is drawn in the same style and was originally named Diary of A Zombie Kid.
  • Other books for the bigger kids include Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel (Hachette Books) and Atomic Robo (Red 5 Studios)

Modern Myths will be open 11AM to 11PM on Saturday, May 5th to support Free Comic Book Day.  Customers may select up to 7 FCBD titles to bring home.  Quantities are limited on some titles and Free Comic Books are available while supplies last!

~Mike G

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