Two Guys & A Boardgame: The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus!

Mike G: So after my two consecutive defeats at Michael’s hand, I was starting to wonder if I would ever record a win against him. I thought about challenging him to a game that I had some experience with (Wasabi for example) but I wanted a fair match-up. But what game would be the perfect choice to break the curse? Of course! The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus! From Fantasy Flight’s description of the game: “Hidden for centuries below the shifting Egyptian sands, the Pyramid of Horus sat undisturbed, until a research expedition on the limestone plateau of Abu Rawash uncovered it. Filled with treasures as rich as the Nile delta it borders, the pyramid is a beacon, summoning a group of exceptional Adventurers eager to put their hands on the priceless archaeological relics contained within. But with a myriad of hazards lying in wait, once you enter the pyramid you might never come out.” It was perfect as far as I was concerned.

Michael D: Initial set-up proved slightly confusing when we first broke open the game because of the multiple types of decks the game uses; but future set-up will be a snap now that we have sorted them all. The figures are very nicely sculpted and the board is well designed. The objective of the game is to play as one of 8 adventurers and explore the Pyramid of Horus and grab as much treasure as possible. Two catches: 1) The more treasure you grab (or wounds you take from the Scorpions and other nasties in the Pyramid), the fewer actions you can perform and 2) Giant stone blocks fall every round threatening to seal you in the Pyramid.

MG: I selected Jose Ardila as my adventurer, giving me the lockpick special ability-I could substitute a wild die for one die roll when trying to open one of the crypts. Each adventurer has a different special ability that is usable once during the game. Different abilities include the ability to dodge out of the way of a falling stone without taking damage, the ability to discover what a sarcophagus contains without using an action to search it, being able to shoot one of the mummys or avoiding a specific damage type.

MD: Unfortunately for me, my expedition into the ancient tomb may well have been cursed. I picked the Canadian with a shotgun for my hero, and set off to -plunder the treasure- retrieve artifacts and collect knowledge. The game moves quickly, with a dice roll determining how many actions each player can take based on a simple chart totaling up one’s wounds and treasures. During game set up, I had stepped out to take a phone call, and whatever Mike had done during that brief interval apparently appeased Horus, since everything went wrong for me and right for him. While he picked up useful gear in the scrub land outside the temple, I got stung by scorpions. When blocks started dropping from the ceiling, they all fell near me, until I could barely drag myself from the tomb, clutching a handful of treasures to my bruised and battered torso, while Mike strolled out with a bargeload of stuff tucked away in the handy backpack he’d found.

I enjoyed the game thoroughly, and will happily play it again, but only against someone who has not made some sort of supernatural arrangement to tilt the game in his favor. While I cannot deny that Mike made it out of the temple with more -loot- archeologically significant artifacts than I, I contend that a victory stemming from divine intervention is no true defeat. Thus, I shall cling to my obnoxious yet completely justified sense of superiority, and I look forward to crushing Mike in our next showdown.

MG: You’re just jealous Horus liked me better!  Seriously though, I did get get some lucky draws on the equipment (the back pack was uber-useful) and the lock pick ability was helpful to grab that idol quicker than it would have if I didn’t have the ability.  All in all, I really enjoyed the game!

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