We buy used products!  Each store buys different products, so check with your local manager for what they’re buying.  Some of the things we buy are Graphic Novels, Magic Cards, Board Games, and RPGs.  Before you head over, it’s best to call to check if we’re buying that day.  Please make an appointment with a manager for large quantities of items.


Board Game Selling Guidelines:

  • Games must be received & inspected prior to completing any deal.
    • An appointment must be made with a Store Manager, and the seller must stay on premises during inspection.  
    • Inspection times vary depending on the number and condition of the games.
    • Any property abandoned during inspection becomes the property of Modern Myths Inc.  
    • There is no guarantee Modern Myths Inc. will accept any games inspected.
    • If an offer is denied, sellers may not leave or donate their unwanted games.  Any abandoned games may be destroyed & seller will be ineligible to request further sales or trades.


  • Games should be in excellent or mint condition.  No games can be missing components.  Games in lesser condition will be considered but are valued significantly disproportionately lower.
    • Condition descriptions:
      • Mint: An unpunched, unused game which has been previously owned by a consumer.  Internal pieces are still shrink wrapped.
      • Excellent: A mint game that is punched & used becomes excellent; the extent of wear is proportional to the game’s age. Minor signs of wear may be seen, easily replaced components (such as dice or counter trays) may be missing, or rules neatly highlighted or counters neatly clipped if noted. Blank counters may be written on or simply missing. An excellent game can be assumed to be complete.


  • Typically, a store credit amount will be offered for games offered for sale or trade.  Amount of credit offered will vary depending on game demand and condition.  In rare cases, we may offer cash, for proportionately less than store credit.  Sales are never guaranteed, and will depend on the specific items being sold.  


  • Games which arrive in disorder, especially larger games with pieces disorganized inside the game box, lose value for that very fact. It is strongly recommend that the game is organized and pieces separated and secured prior to inspection.


  • Before bringing a game to be inspected, read the following questions to ensure a game isn’t disqualified from trade.
    • Have you checked it for completeness?  If incomplete, it will not be accepted.
    • Is there any smell to the game components due to mildew or tobacco or other smoke?
    • Is there any mildew spotting or staining to any components?
    • Are there any indications of moisture warping or staining?
    • Is there any sun fading or discoloration?
    • Are all components included: counters, box, dice, counter trays, etc.? Are all counters originally included in the package still there?
    • How much wear has the game received? Is the box torn, scuffed, or concave? Are the rules highlighted, soiled or torn? Are there crude repairs to any components (such as with scotch, filament or masking tape)? Is the map colorized? Any food spills?
    • Is the binding of rules or magazines (generally a couple of staples) still intact?


Contact you local store with questions!