Modern Myths eBay store

Modern Myths has an extensive selection of used graphic novels and gaming books, typically priced at 30% off cover or more.  We also have hundreds of bagged sets of back issue comics that collect complete miniseries, story lines, and even entire runs of a title or a particular creator, always priced below original cover.  Many of these storylines have not been collected into trade paperbacks. Occasionally, we even auction off something cool to support our official store charity, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

If you can’t come to our store and browse, however, don’t despair: hundreds of these great bargains (as well as any limited edition or premium items that we have at the store) are posted in our eBay store.  To make it easier for you to keep up with our ever-changing inventory as we add new items, we’re posting links to them here.

NEW: The Mamaroneck location has its own eBay store! Browse here for another great selection of used trades, back issue story sets, and hard-to-find small press/indie RPGs. Choose ‘local pick-up’ from EITHER store, and we’ll transfer the goods to to the store closest to you for easy local pick-up!

We are proud to offer a selection of original art pages by the great Will Eisner:

From Dating & Hanging Out (1978)
Page 8

We are also proud to offer original art from Howard Cruse:

From Wendel
Holiday Negotiation

From Barefootz
I Have My Pride

We are also proud to offer original art from Mary Wilshire:

From Barbie
Barbie #20, Page 2
Barbie Fashion #50, page 13

We are also proud to offer original art from Olivia de Berardinis:

Original Nude Michelle X

Here are some of our latest additions:
(Updated September 30, 2013)

Magic the Gathering Prophecy Distress Deck
Carry RPG a game about war
Maid the Role Playing Game
Microscope Indie RPG

Graphic Novels:
Liberty Meadows Volume 1 & 2 HC
Superman Our Worlds at War Volume 1 & 2 SC
Will Eisner’s the Spirit Book One Hardcover
Plastic Man Archives Volume 5 Golden Age Hardcover

Comics Sets:
Grendel #1-20 years 1986-1988 (complete set)
Generation M Decimation series set (5 issues complete)
DC 52 FULL RUN (52 issues)
Batwing #1-12+Issue #0 (New 52)