Events at Modern Myths

Download a handy PDF of this month’s event calendar at your location:

Mamaroneck Event Calendar PDF

Northampton Event Calendar

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What’s a DAY PASS, anyway?

It’s how we keep our event space open without having to charge admission. It’s a $5 ticket gets you into that day’s events (or just open casual gaming) and gives you access to our extensive game library, RPG support material, miniatures terrain, and more!

Your $5 also gets you a a coupon worth $5 off any purchase, and can be used right away, or saved up for that special big-ticket item you’re coveting. Day pass coupons are transferable, so you can hand your credit to someone else if you like, while still enjoying the use of our space. Day Pass coupons are good for one year, but we encourage you to use them promptly so that they don’t get lost or destroyed.