Staff Bios for Northampton, MA

Brynn: Brynn is the only child of two ninja warriors.  You would think that would be very cool.  Unfortunately, her parents are from opposing Ninja clans currently involved in a 2000 year old feud over a chunk of moon rock that fell to Earth.  This makes family gatherings very tense.  When Brynn is not working at Modern Myths, she spends her time searching for the Moon Block that will finally allow her parents to celebrate Festivus under one roof.

Ellie: Ellie was kidnapped by fairies in her youth, and returned from Arcadia shortly after, much shinier and full of rainbows.  Although she hails from the South, she loves Massachusetts for the snow.  She is an avid writer, artist, and costumer, and is passionate about comic books (especially anything with Kitty Pryde or Power Girl).  She’s currently working on publishing her thesis on the superheroines of Marvel and DC Comics, and intends to pursue comic book history and writing as a job.

Isaac: Ike was an advance scout for a race of alien warriors that planned to destroy the Earth in the year 1998.  Ike was late getting to the planet and the invasion armada was forced to bypass Earth for the much less desirable planet of Pluto.  Arriving in Pluto’s orbit in 2006, they made quick work of Pluto.  Now that you know the true story about Pluto not being a planet, make sure you thank Ike the next time you see him.

Matt: Years ago Matt escaped from an “evil twin cloning factory”, while there he also ran into the evil twin of George Lucas, which explains the rotten star wars prequels.  Before leaving the cloning facility the company managed to get a sample of his DNA, the sample although incomplete was rumored to be completed using frog DNA…. After he escaped he went on to live a normal life which includes interests in art and writing…from which he has turned his talents to cartooning/illustration and some experience as an airbrush artist.  He is also a Dungeon and Dragons enthusiast, with player and DM experience since 1983. He also participates in Magic the Gathering events and is a movie buff with an emphasis on Modern/classic Horror.

Although he escaped the cloning facility, his experience from all those years ago occasionally comes back to him in movie sequence like flashbacks…He doesn’t remember all the details, but he is sure his Evil twin “Skippy” is out there somewhere……some speculate, that he is the evil twin and Skippy is the normal one…….

Mike D: Michael Dow has been with Modern Myths since January of 2003.  He’s been gaming since 1980, and reading comics since 1986.  He hopes that you are impressed that he has an MA in the History of Science.  He has come to realize that he has made a career of his coping mechanisms, and decided that he’s OK with that.

Mike G: Mike decided early on in his retail career not to sell anything he didn’t believe in.  Other than one untenable position at a college bookstore, he has stayed true to that.  Previous to selling games & comic books, he sold coffee & internet time, books and most recently LEGO.

Shannon: Shannon knows more about board games than board games know about her.  That’s just the way she is.