Staff Bios for Northampton, MA

Isaac: Ike was an advance scout for a race of alien warriors that planned to destroy the Earth in the year 1998.  Ike was late getting to the planet and the invasion armada was forced to bypass Earth for the much less desirable planet of Pluto.  Arriving in Pluto’s orbit in 2006, they made quick work of Pluto.  Now that you know the true story about Pluto not being a planet, make sure you thank Ike the next time you see him.

Joe: Born at a very early age, Joe is our resident groan-worthy punster, though we offer no apologies if you get him going.  A lover of dinosaurs, sci-fi, and fantasy role-playing, Joe oversees our in-store Dungeons & Dragons games, runs Star Wars games, and also manages after many of our Magic events (where he will inevitably make puns about stage magic, or magic erasers, or his thoughts on Ms. Undersee from the Hunger Games trilogy… “Madge?  Ick!”).  As a diabetic who has many action figures, he also maintains that Grant Morrison’s amazing graphic novel “Joe the Barbarian” (about a kid with action figures who starts going into insulin shock as they come alive) was actually written about him.  As was all of G.I.Joe.  And any other awesome thing involving someone named Joe.

Matt: Matt was born and raised in a Corn Belt university town, one with a really well-funded public library that had a ludicrously good comics collection and loads of Monty Python on VHS.  That’s probably were it all went wrong, when you get right down to it.

Since then he’s pursued an advanced degree, been employed by the government in a capacity that seems completely incongruous to most of his friends, traveled the Western world, and generally made a hash of things.  He moved to Massachusetts in 2007 and about once a week wakes up with the disturbingly convincing feeling that the last few years are the hallucinations of a brain in a jar.

Nick: Nick is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, surrounded by forgetting to submit a staff bio.

Melissa: Melissa is the Store Manager of Modern Myths Northampton.  Her love of comics is only surpassed by her love of board games and RPGs.  She might have been your GM at a convention before, and if you say to her, “You should run a one-shot,” she is likely to pull out some dice from pocket and say, “Ok, so you’re in a dark stone room, exits are north and west…”