Staff Bios for Mamaroneck, NY

Jim Crocker founded Modern Myths, Inc. is 2002 and was General Manager of the Northampton store through 2011. He opened the Mamaroneck store in 2012 and is the current General Manager there. He started in the used book trade and managed a comic and game shop in Ann Arbor, MI before opening Modern Myths, Inc.

Jim’s specialty is RPGs, and he facilitates in-store games and convention sessions as often as he can. He’s got a few professional RPG design credits, but mostly prefers to GM these days. His taste in comics runs to more crime and SF, though he appreciates a good superhero story, too, as long as the writing is up to speed.

Bishop joined the Modern Myths team in 2014 after the White Plains-based COmic Book heaven closed its doors upon the owners’ retirement. He brings nearly three decades of industry experience and Westchester nerd culture with him.

Bishop’s passion is the Games Workshop painting and wargaming hobby. He’s an expert painter and deeply immersed in the lore of the Warhammer universe. He describes himself a a ‘capes and secret identities kind of guy’ as far as comics are concerned.