Commander Release Event: Friday August 25th at 7:00 PM

Learn a new way to play Magic! Commander is a multi-player format with unique rukes and deck-building strategies.  Come with your own Commander deck (Here’s the rules for making one) or purchase one of the brand new Commander 2017 decks that go on sale the day of the event.

The Commander Release Event will happen in both locations on Friday, August 25th in place of our usual Draft. Admission is by Day Pass if you bring your own deck, or FREE with purchase of any Commander 2017 deck while supplies last. Supplies may be limited, so reserve a deck at your location to be sure of a spot!

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Whether you’ve played Magic but never Commander, or always wanted to try Magic in a more casual free-for-all format, we’re happy to teach new players. This is a casual event with no prize structure. Ages 13+, younger if parent or guardian in-store for the event.

Northampton is FIFTEEN, so cupcakes!

Join us on FRIDAY, September 15th for our annual celebration of defying the odds for one more year! We’ll have our usual spread: Pizza, soft drinks, and amazing (totally vegan!) cupcakes!

ALL attendees will receive a door prize, and one lucky winner will get to be our latest LIFETIME VIP, with free admission to all future Day Pass events and FIFTEEN of our sweet new $5 Tokens to spend however they like! We’ll also have a special prize for the winner of our Modern Myths Trivia Contest, where we see who knows the most about the history of the store!

Doors open at 6:30 PM and pizza arrives at 7:00. This event is open to ALL AGES, and is totally free, our gift back to the community that’s kept us around for so long. Call or stop by the store for any additional details.

Saturday, September 16th at 1:00 PM

Come learn to play Magic with other beginners in a casual, fun event. We’ll start you out with one FREE ‘welcome deck’ to learn the game with help from our friendly staff. If you have fun, add more cards with booster packs or try out the real thing next week at our pre-release event for the latest Magic set, Ixalan.

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY, and admission is free. All ages are welcome for this event. Intermediate and advanced Magic players are welcome, as long as they bring a friend who’s new to the game!

Magic Open House (Ixalan) will run from 1:00-5:00 PM at both locations. Stop by any time to grab a deck and learn to play, and stay for as long as you like to meet and duel with other beginners.


Join us on Saturday, September 30th as we get ready for the November release of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything by heading into the tunnels under Waterdeep to deal with a rival who’s been giving the monstrous mobster nothing but grief lately.

This 8-hour D&D 5E mega-event runs from 2:00 PM-10:00 PM, with a break for dinner around 6:00 and special door prizes for all attendees. Dinner and all play materials are included in the admission price.

This is an intermediate-level event that requires familiarity with the basics of Dungeons & Dragons play. We will provide characters and play materials! Ages 13+, younger with parent’s permission and previous play experience in your location (or parent/guardian in-store for the event).

This event is strictly limited to 15 (fifteen) attendees in Northampton and 20 (twenty) attendees in Mamaroneck. Pre-Payment of your entry ($25+tax) is required to secure a seat. Choice of table/DM will be awarded in order of registration. Contact your location for additional details.