Star Wars RPG

Modern Myths will be hosting sessions of the Fantasy Flight Star Wars roleplaying game, using rules from all of their published sourcebooks.  Our first session will be largely character creation and introductions, with a short adventure to get to know the rules.  We will also have pre-generated characters for those who just want to sit down & play.  The first two January sessions are a test, with the possibility for an ongoing campaign if interest is high enough.  Come join us on Saturday, January 10 at 3-6 PM and Saturday, January 31 at 3-6 PM for some exciting space adventures!  Details of our campaign setting are below.

The planet Kalee is a harsh world on the edge of the outer rim.  The reptilian natives are primitive hunters who keep mostly to their own temple-cities, but the the various terra-forming and colonization attempts by the Galactic Empire and other corporate interests have made pocket valleys of somewhat temperate flora, civilization, and (relative) modernity.  The recent discovery of precious metals, including silver and gold, deeper in the planet has made the International Banking Clan very interested in the planet, and the Empire allows them to run things mostly as they wish… so long as proper tariffs are paid.

Poor miner settlements abound on Kalee now, as the perception of jobs & riches far outweighed the reality of trying to dig in the harsh mountains.  It is here that your group of rag-tag group of spacers will gather and embark on adventures in this galaxy far, far away.  The Emperor has just dissolved the Galactic Senate, and while that has little effect on the outer rim, perhaps a great disturbance is beginning…

Admission is $5 that you get back in store credit!

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