Staff Bios for Northampton, MA

Alex:  Alex has mysterious origins.  In the original continuity, she had a love of goofy Silver Age and Romance Comics.  After the Infinite Infinity Crisis, she got a gritty new persona, joining the realms of horror fantasy and diverse characters of all sorts.  Ask her her to find you an adventure.  She won’t lead you astray.  Maybe.

Joe: Born at a very early age, Joe is constantly searching alt covers for new outfits to fuel his wife’s cosplaying habit.  He runs Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, and other roleplaying games in the store, oversees many of our Magic card game events, and has a healthy love of dinosaurs (coupled with a very unhealthy love of puns).

Pat: Pat is a human forged in the mountains of Western Massachusetts and has served the realm as gamer, cartoonist, and crier for indie comics since his creation.

Melissa: Melissa is the Store Manager of Modern Myths Northampton.  Her love of comics is only surpassed by her love of board games and RPGs.  She might have been your GM at a convention before, and if you say to her, “You should run a one-shot,” she is likely to pull out some dice from her pocket and say, “Ok, so you’re in a dark stone room, exits are north and west…”