Staff Bios for Northampton, MA

Melissa: Melissa is the Business Manager for Modern Myths.  Her love of comics is only surpassed by her love of board games and RPGs.  She might have been your GM at a convention before, and if you say to her, “You should run a one-shot,” she is likely to pull some dice from her pocket and say, “Ok, so you’re in a dark stone room, exits are north and west…”

Athenia: Athenia is the Assistant Store Manager.

Evanleigh: They are a mystery! (Staff Bio pending)

Marie: They are a mystery! (Staff Bio pending)

Joe: Born at a very early age, Joe is constantly searching alt covers for new outfits to fuel his wife’s cosplaying habit.  He runs Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, and other roleplaying games in the store, oversees many of our Magic card game events, and has a healthy love of dinosaurs (coupled with a very unhealthy love of puns).