Modern Myths is an independent retail store selling comic books, graphic novels, and hobby games in Northampton, MA.

Our Mission(s)

To sell a complete range of the best comics & games we can find.

We’re here in part because we love comics & games as much as our customers do, and we want to make sure we’re always striving to find new and innovative expressions of our hobbies, as well as the most complete selection of classics and critical and supporting works we can reasonably expect to sell profitably.

To this end, we order from a variety of suppliers, are open to alternate sources of supply, and strive to stay informed of trends and new developments in any areas our customers are interested in. We also do our best to call extra attention to those products we think highlight the best our creators have to offer, and we make sure they stay available. Whenever we can, we emphasize creator-owned work as well as works of recognized educational value and/or literary merit. If we do not stock an item a customer is seeking (or have sold out of a regular stock item), we will special order it immediately, at no extra charge, and inform them when it arrives.

To instill a sense of Community in our customers.

Our customers are the most important of the many Communities we belong to.  We strive to go to extraordinary lengths to make them feel welcome, valued, and satisfied. We want to meet and exceed their expectations every time they set foot in our store, either in Northampton or online. We know that by doing so, we turn customers into our best advertisers. We guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction, or their money will be refunded or their purchase exchanged. There are some logical limits to this Guarantee (dissatisfaction with the product mix in a randomly-packed collectable product, for example), but we make every attempt to honor the spirit of it in all cases.

To support Staff Satisfaction and Excellence

We offer fair compensation and a safe and professional working environment to our entire staff, as well as incentives to reward excellence. No matter how long a person has worked for us or plans to work for us, or how many hours they work each week, they are a valued contributor and receive the same consideration and respect as any other staff member. We strive to achieve an enthusiastic unity of purpose about our future while still honoring and understanding our differences and diversity as individuals.

Modern Myths is a proud equal opportunity employer. We strive to hire the most qualified personnel we can find regardless of race, age, gender, disability, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation.

To create wealth through profits and growth.

Modern Myths profits every day through voluntary exchange with our customers. Profit is important because it creates potential for growth, ensures job security, and ensures our overall financial success. The investors who helped start Modern Myths have trusted us with their wealth in exchange for our promise to be good stewards of that wealth and ensure the growth of their investment.

Growth means that we do what we can to meet the evolving needs of our customers and Teammates. This includes rewarding our Teammates for excellence in serving customers, adding product lines as we need to, and even expanding our store to new or additional spaces.

To support our community and encourage local involvement.

Our business is intimately tied to Northampton and the surrounding area. Most of us involved with Modern Myths not only work here, but live here as well. Our store is a reflection of those who shop here, and without them we wouldn’t exist. Our mutual interest goes beyond just the fun of reading good comics or playing a great game, and when we can and it’s appropriate, we’ll respond to our community’s needs:

  • We donate a portion of our after-tax profits to local and national not-for-profit organizations that encourage or directly assist in reading and education.
  • We donate product (and personnel support, where able) to local school and community events.
  • We make it as easy as possible for institutions like schools and libraries to do business with us via favorable business terms and special attention.
  • We reduce waste, reuse, and recycle whenever we are able, and use environmentally sound cleaning products and conserve energy and water wherever possible.

To respect all of our business associates and competitors and participate in our industries.

Just as we can’t exist without our customers or Teammates or investors, our suppliers are another Community we’re a part of. There are hundreds of other businesses we depend on to assist us in serving our customers, from distributors to publishers to our rug service to the Post Office. We view all of our trade partners and Vendors as allies in serving our customers, investors, and Teammates, and we treat them with respect, courtesy, and integrity at all times, and should expect the same in return. We apply the ‘golden rule’ in business dealings: if we are ever undercharged or receive extra product we are not billed for, we will inform our supplier of the error so that they will know we are above reproach.

The same is true of any of our competitors. They’re in business for the same reasons we are, and share our love of comics and games. We can’t possibly have everything everyone wants all the time, and if we succeed in building the community of customers we’re striving for, then allies in our mission to satisfy them can only help all of us. We strive to never speak of or treat any competitor with anything less than the respect and courtesy we wish to have them show us.

Modern Myths is committed to involvement in the health of our industries by active participation in trade organizations, educational programs, and outreach efforts. Wherever possible, we encourage our Teammates to join such organizations and participate in industry discussions and exchanges.

These are the guiding principles we strive to adhere to as we go about our daily tasks. They are by no means our only guidelines, but form the basis for everything else we do.

Hours of Operation:

M-F: 11:00 AM-9:00 PM
Sat: 11:00 AM-11:00 PM
Sun: Noon-7:00 PM

34 Bridge Street 4
MA 01060

In MA: 413-582-6973
USA: 888-227-8844